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Are you looking at replacing your current physical server environment with a Virtualised server environment?

H2 Technology have been involved in configuring and supporting virtualised server environments for over 5 years now.

In fact we currently support over 160 virtual servers environments for our clients.

We have extensive knowledge of VMware and Microsoft Azure so we are perfectly placed to provide companies with the benefits and the knowledge needed on moving into Virtual server environments.

We can assist customers in many areas when it comes to Virtualisation. Here is just a few ways we can assist.

  • Advise clients if moving to a Virtual Server environment is cost effective.
  • Assist clients purchase and / or setup the hardware needed to run a Virtualised Cloud Environment.
  • Install and configure VMware or Microsoft Azure.
  • Setup Backup / Disaster Recovery methods that fit the needs of the business.
  • Support and maintain clients new or existing Virtualised server environments.