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Monthly Maintenance

Ensuring that your network is running correctly and efficiently is essential to all businesses.

Being proactive and checking for issues on your servers is the only way to ensure that your system is running optimally and won’t crash.

This is an invaluable service whereby once a month we log onto your server an perform a number of tasks and report on issues we find.

Please read the Product Details section for some of the tasks we undertake as part of this service.

We perform a number of tasks including the following.

  • Check available disk space.
  • Document various server performance indicators such as CPU utilisation, memory allocation etc.
  • Check your anti virus software and ensure that the latest virus pattern files are being downloaded and distributed correctly.
  • Check your backups and perform a test restore to ensure the integrity.
  • Review Application and System Event Logs for errors.
  • Make sure all security and operating system patches are installed and configured.
  • Check firewall logs and update firmware.
  • Review user accounts and remove any access no longer required.
  • And more…

Generally it takes between 1 to 2 hours to perform all the Monthly Maintenance tasks for each server being audited.

This time can be charged casually or deducted from a clients available Support Pack hours.

Yearly Support clients receive Monthly Maintenance every month for free as part of their support agreement.