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Backup Monitoring

We offer a complete Backup Monitoring service whereby we check a clients backups each morning and advise if problems have been encountered.

Backup monitoring is available for as little as 2 hours of support per month. It is imperative to all companies that they have fully working backups at all times. It is an unfortunate fact that the first time a client finds out their backups have not been working is when they need to restore a file. Don’t let this happen to you.

For clients wanting to take advantage of our Backup Monitoring Service the steps are simple. We connect to a clients server remotly and reconfigure the backup service of the software being used. We set the system up so we receive daily updates of the previous nights backup results. This information is entered into our management database and we investigate further if we see that the backup has not completed sucessfully.

As a general rule we estimate that approx 2 support hours is charged per month.

This time can be charged casually or deducted from a clients available Support Pack hours.

Yearly Support clients receive Backup Monitoring every month for free as part of their support agreement.