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A Friendly reminder about Cryptolocker

You may have heard about the CryptoLocker Virus that has been going around recently. There is now a new varient of the virus going around at present. To avoid being infected, please be vigilant when opening emails and links to webpages as the virus is often disguised in such places. If your machine does get infected, it will encrypt all your files (including those on the network) and demand you pay a ransom. A video below demonstrates what damage the virus can do. You will not be able to restore these files unless you have a backup. If you do encounter this virus please click the button below to contact us or call 1300 722 266.

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Tired of losing your keys or forgetting the code to your padlock? FŪZ Designs, inventors of the popular EverDock and EverDock Go, are back to it on Kickstart with their latest innovation, Noke. Noke is the world’s first Bluetooth® padlock, eliminating the need to have a physical key.

“At FŪZ Designs, we’re constantly looking for ways to use the latest technologies to improve our lives,” “We’ve been working on Noke for months and are proud to now introduce it to the world.” “With Noke, users can share access with others with the tap of a button,” “Sharing access to your locker, storage unit, or cabin has never been easier.”

– David Gengler, Co-Founder. 

The casing is made with hardened steel and boron which allows the padlock to be water-resistant, aesthetically pleasing and highly usable.

To use the padlock either download the app for Android or iOS and turn on Bluetooth®.

4 Girl Locking bike Data transfer

Locking a bike using Bluetooth®

If you can’t use your phone simply use the tap code as shown below.

4A QuickClickAnimation

Using a Tap Code as a fail-safe

Help support FŪZ Designs with their project at Kickstarter and Pre-order your Noke today. Units are planned to be shipped in February 2015. Go to http://www.getnoke.com for the Kickstarter page or visit the FŪZ Designs website to see more details.

Content is property of FŪZ Designs.

Tired of forgetting the code to your bike lock? Have a look at Noke.