It’s something you use everyday for your internet. You probably have got a secure password on your Wi-Fi. However one thing many people don’t consider, your router is effectively a computer. Yes, that means it can get infected with malware as well. Due to poor practices by router vendors, many of them are easy to hack. Hackers can often get admin access to these devices due to these weaknesses. You might be wondering why does it matter, you have no data stored on there. To some degree this is true, however it is considered a major adavantage point for hackers. Say you’re doing online backing, a hacker can use your router to sniff out banking details without your PC being infected.​

At the moment, the best advice is to monitor your internet bill carefully and be vigilant with your bank accounts.

This article here from the Sydney Morning Herald goes into more detail: Slow internet? Maybe you have one of 120,000 vulnerable broadband routers​